• pamilove 5w

    Weep Not

    Tragedy surrounds the cloud of a man.
    While the rain of pain and affliction falls.
    No one to share the water with.
    Because, people aren't after an unpleasant life.

    Why me?, a question that needs an urgent answer.
    Success I proposed, the wind of opposition flows in.
    Darkening my sincere heart and fading away my faith.
    But still, I never relent with my assignment.

    Weeping deeply inside of me, without no one attentions.
    Baffles me not, but for my creator.
    He has to listen for my concern.
    Delay is denial, no time on my side.

    Seeing around the midst of men.
    Testimonies and praises, surround them as an ocean.
    Here I am, my story has to change for betterment.
    For surely my Creator still Liveth.