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    Months back I came across a user /stopthat/
    I read a political satire from him and loved it. It was close to eleven at night when I reposted his post and commented " I genuinely appreciate your humour and political opinion "

    " I am so sorry but I was going to sleep, now I have to sing and dance as you read me "
    " haha which song ? "
    " Rola pe gaya and Kya karoon "

    Days later he changed his username to / kehta_hai_joker /
    5 days back seeing his roasts I asked him to roast my account. He did. I had a good laugh and I had no clue that he was actually having trouble laughing all through making me laugh. He told me several times that he was waiting for my 200th post but I didn't write.
    Now I don't know how to live with this that I could have written before and that I couldn't reciprocate to the amount of love and admiration I received from this person. I apologise if I am not making sense.


    I give this " 200th post" slot to you.
    Rest in peace kid.

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    Originally posted by : kehta_hai_joker

    Roasting the undisputed queen of hearts and arts

    This is my first time roasting a woman on her request. I am glad it's @my_cup_of_poetry. I mean I am an Indian man, she has studied in UP, experience of fiery roast comes naturally to both of us.

    @my_cup_of_poetry 's real name is Sakshi Pandey or as her teenage fans like to call her as Sakshi Nyaan de.

    Sakshi means " pure awareness " in Sanskrit.
    Pandey probably means " but stuck in teenage ".

    I mean seriously, what's with the self help posts for teenagers woman. Sakshi you are what I imagine Sandeep Maheshwari conscience sounds drunk.

    Sakshi's fans are so loyal that they anticipate her 200th post more than their NEET/ AIEEE exam.

    Nobody in the virtual world knows where Sakshi was born. Her fans hold the belief that she was not born, but she was assembled from mud by god. That's Ganpati Ji Einstein's. And anyways she has vampire teeth and not elephant teeth.

    Look mirakee can be a really dark place but visit Sakshi's comment section when you feel that. It's like unicorns flirting and jizzling stardust all over. Which makes sense because ink Sakshi uses is made from butterfly tears #MainBhiAeshtheythick

    Sakshi also comes up with challenges for new writers. One of her next challenge is going to be to get through her first few poems without judging her hard.

    I also believe though that her name should change to My_cup_of_pottery because she shapes so many impressionable minds of young and docile writers.

    Young se yaad aaya that is something Sakshi is not in the Mirakee age.

    She has or is studying in Varanasi, which is among the oldest inhabited city in the world. So it makes sense that Sakshi is one among the oldest inhabitant in the Mirakee world.

    Varanasi reminds me, Varanasi 's MP is my dear PM Modiji. Even Modiji has been more regular in visiting Varanasi than Sakshi has been in visiting Mirakee. And Modiji 365 days me se 370 din foreign mein rehta hain.( sorry to Kashmiri bhai and behen if 370 brings nostalgia, I lived a part of my life in Gujarat, I can give you 2002 reasons why you have to get used to it )

    Sakshi is a writer, a painter , into clay art, calligraphy and origami. She might go into acting too one day, after Modiji retires.

    Sakshi and Modiji have another similarity too. Their performance and words are replete with inconsistencies but their fans still love them with all their heart.

    Sakshi's first poem ever was about a Tiger. Which is classified as an endangered species. Which is funny because I am going to be endangered after Modiji or Sakshi's fans get to me.

    But jokes apart ,
    I think people like Sakshi are the ones that keep the heart of this platform in the right place. She is extremely helpful, inspiring , humble and filled to the brim with artistic talent that I can't even fathom how God granted to one person. It's really unfair. But then she is an Indian woman who has lived in UP. God gives from one hand and takes away from another I guess.

    P.S - These are jokes. They are exaggerations, hyperbole and straight up manufactured lies. Me telling you how great she is would be like the tubelight telling how bright the sun is. Go follow and padho her if you haven't yet.

    * Waits for 200th*

    #RoastofJ #Stopthatplease