• nc_alban 10w


    Life's good
    They say
    But It is even better amidst true friends
    I say
    Friends who wouldn't let you walk the rain or sun alone

    I have a friend
    One I call my sister
    Not because that sounds well to say
    But because she took me all in
    Into her life and her heart
    Held my hands through thick and thin
    Showed me the strengths I didn't know I had
    And didn't let me drown in misery
    When I lost sight of the brighter tomorrow

    A name, her name
    An iconic nomenclature of a virtuous friend
    My friend, my sister.

    True friends are of inestimable value,
    They say.
    Some friends are just angels
    I say.
    Angels sent to us from heaven in human forms.

    I know an angel
    One wearing a skin
    Who would go out of her way to see to my wellness
    Always willing to go miles for me
    She would reach down her heart
    To sieve words to flog me out of weakness
    Put her hands around my back and say
    "Babe don't worry, it is well"
    Then with every word and action
    She points out that there is hope

    A name, her name
    An iconic nomenclature for Queens
    Sourced from a marvelous mix of culture and spirituality
    Assuring safety and wellness
    As it is a prayer of goodwill.

    Fine Vera!
    My dearest friend and sister
    I need you to know that I'm grateful
    Grateful for your kindness, love and for the gift of you.
    And on this day, the 26th of September
    Your special day, our special day, a day to remember
    I have neither gold nor silver
    But a sincere prayer
    For life in abundance, good health, prosperity and peace
    Now and many more beautiful years of your life.

    Happy Birthday Ijeoma!
    Happy Birthday my friend!!
    Happy Birthday sister!!!

    (From Nelly to IJ)