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    Falling from luminous
    Into the dusky woods,
    Lying behind the corner
    Veiling behind the feelings of forlorn and gloom!

    Life can ooze atrocious
    Folded in the cloak of bruises -
    Black and blue.
    I heard the basilisk of rage, sorrow and ordeal coming through.

    Getting closer, tangling around my nerves
    It takes me in flaming my vitality and feeble skin!
    Eclipsing my faith,
    Demolishing the positive on my lips
    I was drowning in the whirlpool of melancholy and sufferings.

    Winsome like old wine
    Enticing like shooting star in ivory moonlight,
    I nurture the phoenix of belief rising inside.

    Red, yellow, orange with a tint of gold
    Shading myself with the colours of euphoria and glow,
    I sprung back from the ember of sorrow.

    Being the magnificent bird of blaze
    I spread my feathers to chase the cosmos,
    The soul in me is the phoenix, a fire bird -
    The victor of sun rays.


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