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    Nope not a devil worshipper or a christ worshipper.. just a lost soul in midst of two battling forces.
    Happy Easter to all christian buddies.. please don't be offended this is just a thought piece .. Amen!
    P.s. there is no devil, there is no God..
    Only us, our light, our darkness and this smoke of clouds hovering above! Peace!
    #randoms #darkhumor #deviousmind

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    Latenight Strolls with the Devil

    He was out on a stroll when he recognized a familiar face.
    It was the Devil lighting the smoke; staring at him with a sharp red gaze.
    He mustered up his courage and asked the Fallen Angel radiating a grace,
    "Excuse me..umm.. mighty Highness..
    can you pass me the blunt, I wanna get higher than the highest.
    Life hasn't been just
    so you understand, I must smoke this weed.
    I don't mean to intrude, but
    Dear sir, one puff is all I need."
    The Devil gave a furious look then he considered his request.
    "Alright what are you prepared to give me, you better confess!"
    He wondered..
    He had nothing to give, no possessions, no gold..
    But he remembered what devil wants the most,
    "Hey how would it be if I trade you my soul?".
    The Devil burst out laughing harder than he did, the time he looked at the inverted cross.
    He coldly whispered, "Oh little comedian, here take a smoke, don't worry about what it costs,
    But tell me this...
    How can you trade me something that you've already lost!?"