• yourfavouriteunicorn 10w

    Not Safe

    Atmosphere galloping in screams,
    Blood and bodies flowing the dams and streams.
    Mother nature,Man kind
    Roaming the streets ever so blind

    Mother's hearts filled with fears,
    Faces drowning in tears.
    Father's weak to their knees,
    Homes caged with locks and keys.

    Judged by their outlooks,
    Demon'd hearts,that are crooks,
    Death still chases for their share,
    Survival of the fittest the government doesn't care,
    Woman and children are still never spared

    Not one or two,
    They won't stop still we all through,
    Its not our fault,
    Justice is injustice in a court.

    Your not safe all alone,
    Typing for help on your phone,
    National anthem replace by a mourn
    Their like dogs to a bone.

    Sadly its not all of them,
    Who are ungrateful and greedy men,
    Its safe to say their blamed to,
    For something they didn't do.
    Its sad but true

    Fear for the unborn future,
    That has to come to this world filled with torture,
    Half of the world filled with pain,
    Misused youth has gone insane

    Bed side prayers,
    Trusting the players,
    No action from the mayors,
    But we still look into prayers

    What have we done,
    Children can no longer have fun,
    Hop scotch and skipping rope,
    Youth hangs from the ceiling with the same rope.

    Thought we were one.
    This is not done
    The battles not over,
    The atmospheres hung over,

    Death secretly waiting,
    To strike the ones who are fainting.