• pierian_spring 9w


    Is it just me, or really the cliche love moments are fairly inexistent these days?

    That slow motion love where you snap out for a few seconds and just forget to hear words altogether

    The way I have melted and reformed by that stroke against my left earlobe

    The way I used to trace your right jawline and those kisses were more intense than any other

    The way you used to hug and make me lose track of time, I sure as hell would be the sand of an hourglass for you

    The way you had crossed your fingers in mine when we were caught up in trouble

    The way you had been my sword and not my armor, helped my wings get stronger and fuel them

    The way my waist against yours and your chest against mine is home

    The way my soul is woven to yours, and the way that it still is the most beautiful thing to imagine the day with black orchids and a white dress