• mavericklife 11w

    Oops, looks like you got a strike. Mirakee had to take down one of your posts because of plagiarism reports received. But don't worry, this is just a warning message. More information has been mailed to you. Keep writing!

    The content for the post is provided below :-

    What I have become? 
    (Super Talented Unique Personality In Demand)


    Team Mirakee

    Can you please give me an explaining from whom did I copy, sorry to bring it to everyone notice because the challenge was as follow.
    "We came to know who you are, when we asked you to answer the question in five words. But, many a times we become, what we are not supposed to be. Today write a six word CREATIVE ANSWER to the question
    And without any warning or without mentioning who was the person who reported it as plagiarism how can you remove my writing. I'm still unsatisfied with your explanation and kindly give me a valid proof and explanation or else I need back my writing in my account. Hoping for a positive reply.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @pridy23 @dreamy_eyes @yamini_poetry @mirakee_assistant

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