• thepoetinheaven 9w

    Finding Alice

    You found your muchness Alice, but lost your mind, and that there, is something you may never re-find. You lost your inner peace your will and grace, down the rabbit hole wont help, your steps must be retraced. Falling and spinning yet never winning may all be in your mind, you lost your place Alice, and became a basket case in time. Dont look at tweedle dee or dum dont follow the white rabbit for you have not won, look to the jabberwocky its your only hope, climb out the rabbit hole Alice I'll throw some rope. Dont go back in time but forward, onward and straight, dont lose hope, just storm the gate, for if you cannot help yourself, no one really can, so find yourself Alice, you are the one with the plan. ‚úĆ
    By me D'e. No copywriting