• kermitallen 24w

    The voicemail

    You didn't pick up, so I'm leaving this message behind
    I don't now what to do I'm losing my fuckin mind
    She's pregnant bro, and she told me it isn't mine
    I don't understand, I thought everything was fine
    Then I find out today it was all a fuckin lie
    I'm losing it yo, all I wanna do is drink and cry
    I wish you would of answered, but hey at least I tried
    I feel alone, just need to know that someone's on my side
    I need a laugh or I might actually do it this time
    Man I loved her, this is hurting from deep inside
    I feel so lost, I always pictured her in my life
    But it's over now and all I can think about is suicide
    Fuck it man, this is my last goodbye
    But I want you to know that I love you and your wife
    What you have is beautiful, make sure to treat each other right