• nausheenali 51w


    I love you.
    And I know that you won't
    Love me back
    As and much as I do.
    But thank you.
    Thank you because
    You care for it even more.
    Thank you for nursing my wounds
    And never ever letting me
    See that you did.
    Thank you very much.
    For had you not been there,
    I wouldn't have appreciated love
    As and much as I do.
    Thank you, for you showed me
    To appreciate all.
    To appreciate the love
    That I absorbed
    But never reflected.
    The care that people took of me
    But never got any back,
    Thank you to make me see that.
    I know you walk with me
    And you back me ever.
    But I speak of the day
    I'll completely be healed,
    And know to love back,
    And will have learned to appreciate,
    And when the time, for you,
    Will have come,
    To leave me on my own care,
    I believe there'll be a little corner,
    Down the bottom of my heart,
    Which will hide something.
    Something not ever to be shared.