• rohiniraja 5w


    October has always been a very invigorating month for me.
    A month which stresses that people who are meant for u, choose u no matter what the circumstances are.
    A month that taught me that I have a soulmate, who is black if I'm gray; who is the cloud if I'm water; and who is happiness when I'm the reason.
    A month that made me realise that I have another personality, hidden beneath my introverted semblance.
    This month gives me every reason to reminisce the contentment that I have had as a daughter of a very proud mom, who is the happiest even if I achieve very little.
    On a very daring adventure during this month 2 years back , I realised that there are no bounds to love. Also, when I realized that reading loads of M&B did not disappoint me. Fairy tales do exist. Never ever forget that there's magic in you. Now I realise that even though zillion words exist in the world, when you write your heart out, u feel a dull ache in the throat. And that moment is inexplicable.