• menika 45w

    You know he is strong,
    when he said he ll never leave, but he did.
    When you trusted his eyes more than his words
    "trust me baby i ll never leave you" they screamed.
    When he broke the promises he made
    When he give up on you just because of those silly fights you both did.
    When the memories and the time didn't bothered him
    And the nostalgia didn't hit him
    When mistakes overwhelmed his love
    When his feelings vanished as they were never for ever.
    No doubt, he was the strongest because it's not everyone's cup of tea to leave to walk off even
    When he know that the girl will lose herself without him, she will lose her smile without him.
    She will be left lifeless and depressed when he will not talk. She will spend every second praying for him to get back.
    He knew that he will take her life along with him but he did beacuse it seems right to him. "Move on" thing wasn't for that #overattached girl he did know, but still he took that decision alone.
    Yes he is strong really he is!
    Because if that immense love couldn't stop him then nothng can make him stay.

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    No, more than that he is