• om_writes 5w

    One week love

    Series -6
    Mohan wasn't knowing about what had happened and Soma told to his brother about there realtionship .Mohan was broken as Payal left him and Soma who he believed this much told everyone because Soma cheated him.Then the 6th day Mohan phone called Soma and told hi why you cheated from today and now you are no one to me .Mohan was feeling depressed and called to yogesh and he told everything will be fine I am with you by listening this Mohan felt better and moved on .But on 7th day Payal called Mohan and told why he did with her she told that I told you don't tell to anyone about this but you told and lost me .Mohan again broken and tried to tell her that he didn't do anything that was Soma who did this but she didn't listen and cut the call .
    And here friends the story one week love ends .After 10-15 days later Payal called Mohan and said that please I can't live without you and I don't wanted to be in relationship but we will be best friends and Mohan said no but then Payal said that then don't want to live
    Then Mohan said don't be stupid I will be your friend .