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    I donned many professions in my childhood. I think everybody did.

    Teacher, doctor, thief, police, cook, make-up artist, but not the leader of the kid's group in the colony though, for i was the youngest. And the neighborhood kids made up for my students, patients and also my bullies.
    But the leader of the kid's group is the most coveted position, something i always aspired for but never got to be one, because i was the youngest of the group. I was one of the minions, following their orders. Being the youngest in the group is best as well as the worst, best because they allow to play the swing first and also you get to do it twice, worst because you have to listen to them, they are like parents, no questions otherwise you are out. Play alone or go play with toddlers. Who likes that? The toddlers are a big no in those groups. They are mostly tricked into believing absurd theories that there is a kidnapper on the loose and that they should remain inside. Poor them!! Always falling for the lies.

    Outdoor games include chasing game, cricket, badminton, hopscotch, marble game and sometimes cooking classes. Rock, paper, scissors and the winner starts the game. The cooking classes consists of preparing dishes on miniature pans and then serving the raw wild herbs on miniature plates. The chasing games mostly end up in chasing the weak ones first.

    The make-up artist post was never easy. Nobody volunteers, so you would have to bribe them with chocolates, or a promise to share your toys with them. One who takes the bait are dolled up, but thankfully they do the job pretty well, never made them like a cake. Ok, kidding. And the mom's make-up kit is wasted.

    Sometimes the dolls or teddies come in handy to use them as students/patients whenever you have skirmishes with your companions.

    On rainy days, we gather in a particular kid's house depending on the mood of the mother of that kid. We mostly indulge ourselves in a game of ludo, snake-ladder or checking out that kid's new toys. In most cases, the teacher-student games come up with most of them choosing to be "the ma'am/sir with a stick". Some even wraps a long scarf around as a saree to perfect the look. The introverted ones are happy to lend an ear to their nonsense teachings. The naughty ones wait for the cookies to come. This, I cherish the most. We might be berated by moms, but they never let us leave the house with an empty stomach. The sensitive ones eat their cookies soaked with tears.

    My daydreaming mode ended with a shriek. I closed my childhood album.
    My 3 yr old nephew left his tiny teeth marks on my left arm for ignoring his calls.
    I retaliated.
    Bang, bang
    He giggled, ran and hid behind the door to take cover against my invisible bullets.
    Now it's his turn and i have to be ready to get hit. Otherwise get ready to be bitten again. Either way, i have to succumb.

    Seems like I will always remain the youngest.


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