• ad1707 23w

    Broken heart đź’”

    Sometimes,we misapprehend or unwillingly hurt those people whom we love the most..
    Mistakes are only be done by Humans, not by Deity.
    Then why do we expect something unblemished from humans especially our loved ones.
    Change the way you think
    Then only you can move on.
    Time will heal everything.
    But, Unknowingly we are stuck with some questions
    By thinking...
    What happened?
    Why it happened?
    And why me!?
    But, actually its our defense mechanism..
    Because.. There, the pain is the only thing that lets you live,
    If that pain is no more then what’s left to you?
    If its the wrong path that you’ve chosen,
    Then you are only making yourselves suffer..
    Life moves on, it doesn’t end with that pain, my friend.
    The one that doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!
    If not today,. Tomorrow
    If not tomorrow,
    Next week or else the next month!!!
    You should leave your pain / hatred
    And move on..
    Otherwise not only your future, but your every memory in your past will burnt in this hatred fire.
    So, slowly you start thinking about yourselves not the ones who left you behind...
    Then see, happiness will be at your doorsteps.
    Like first sun ray or like a first rain drop..., here or somewhere you will definitely find your true love.
    Their smile makes your day.
    Even their small talk affects you..,
    If there’s a single drop from their eyes, then you may bring whole world of happiness to them...
    I hope your anger and your pain will leave you soon.
    Because, when your heart becomes empty then your soul searches for something new and some happiness