• literaturepen 6w

    Don't say your Problems to people because they always play a game and they undeserve to hearing that.At sametime,Don't waste your Valuable time and spend a time with Christ Jesus.
    He knew very well about You and Jesus has hear your Voice of inner Voice also, before you said.

    Hallelujah !!
    Jesus Loves You !!
    Praise the Lord Jesus, Per Second.Jesus Will Give a New Energy And Follow his Path.

    The Unimaginable and Blessed life is waiting for You.
    Hallelujah !!

    That My Heart May Sing To You And Not Be Silent. O Lord My God,I Will Give You Thanks Forever.
    Psalm 30:12

    Thank You Jesus For Seeing Me !!
    Thank You Jesus !!

    We Speak Of God's Secret Wisdom, A Wisdom That Has Been Hidden And That God Destined For Our Glory Before Time Began.
    1 Corinthians 2:7

    Hallelujah !!
    God bless U everlasting !!
    Jesus Loves You !!

    Amen !!

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    You Turned My Wailing Into Dancing; You Removed My Sackcloth And Clothed Me With Joy.
    Psalm 30:11