• kbowman71 5w

    Mi Nuevo Amor(My New Love)

    Going back and forth in my rocking chair, as my granddaughter passes me by... reminiscing about my lost love, seems to always make me cry...
    60 years of marriage have finally came to an end,
    Although I wasn't expressive to her,
    A part of me died when she did..

    The sweetest woman in the world,
    Her beauty was beyond just words..
    The Lord gave me a partner for life,
    Someone that I really didn't deserve...
    She raised our boys with love and care,
    Showing them affection always....
    And that's the reason why,
    till my death I'll give her praise...

    Some thought I didn't treat her right,
    But only she truly know...
    I miss the times I would hold her close,
    And promised I'll never let go..
    The pain I felt when she left me,
    Led me to find a new love,
    Someone to help me ease the pain,
    Although my life will never be the same...

    My granddaughter asked as she walked by,
    Abuelo how are you feeling?
    I told her I still feel hurt and misery,
    But my new love is this bottle of whiskey

    Written by: Kevin Bowman