• vpwriter 9w

    Better living

    We are all searching for our forever,
    But we don't want to be it for someone.

    We want world to be honest with us,
    But we are struggling ourselves to be honest.

    We want someone to make us happier,
    But we don't want to make anyone happy.

    We say ,nothing is perfect.
    Yet we hardly think of finding good in people.

    We want someone to understand us,
    But we can't either keep aside our
    ego and try to understand someone.

    We want people to be nice ,kind,and helpful to us,
    But we are dealing with anger,
    rudeness and "only i should benefit from it".

    We expect people to have patience ,
    But out there waiting for someone
    for few minutes irritates us.

    We need to change within us ,to see it in the world.
    Lets begin from ourselves.. From you.