• official_pen_knight 9w


    Life dealt me some cards.
    It was card against humanity.
    I was on path to insanity.
    I stopped being embarrassed and embraced my differences and insanity.
    I kind of realized humanity can't deal with 2 of me.
    Cause it's still my goal to bring the world to it knee.
    Remember Hitler of Germany , Benito of Italy tried and failed.
    The titanic drowned after it sailed.
    Lots of great people failed due to different reasons.
    If or probably when I fail it will be of not having enough support.
    Since time immemorial I have been the odd one out.
    When the crowd goes north the only one on his was south.
    I was not always given the choice about been the third wheel but when I have options I still choose the shocking one.
    My mind is my greatest weapon but its a double edged Sword.