• nikitabinigoswami 4w

    Just Friends

    I wanted you to stop me,
    From going away,
    But what would you do,
    When you first walked out.

    I don't know what made you so scared.
    Was it the distance or the journey?
    Or was it too much to ask for me?
    Did you get bored of the term 'we'?
    So to cover our mistakes up,
    We cunningly blame the destiny.

    We both look for excuses now,
    To escape each other somehow,
    You stare at me, with a look I never saw,
    I ignore you like a stranger, ever did I know.
    Maybe we were kids playing with hearts and vows.

    You were like a lightning spark on my entire sky,
    I was in love, on heels so high,
    Soon the tables turned and made us cry,
    I was too stubborn, you were too shy,
    Opposites always attract, don't know why!

    Never was it easy, neither to hard,
    I wished to dwell forever in your heart,
    It felt beautiful to be your lucky charm,
    Little did, I know that you would harm,
    And eat me from inside, like a freaking worm.

    You said you knew limits,
    You pretended to be timid.
    She was introduced as your best friend,
    So I wonder, why you chose her over our end?
    You confused me with the term"Just Friends".