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    choices I chose for myself.. ��

    My choices define me
    The way I look
    the way I express
    the way I greet
    Gives a glimpse of
    my personality
    without concrete duality..
    The very first time when I
    felt happy to be with someone
    though being naive
    surrender myself & trusted my
    inner voice ..
    That choice was questioned by many
    because people around me thought
    I was incapable of loving someone
    & being loved will ruin my innocence
    that man wasn't right for me as many said
    but he was there till the end
    assured me of his presence
    later in life..
    I again met someone
    As my personal front was always
    on a constant run...
    this time my pals were
    the one who raised their voices
    against my choice
    their hearts were weak
    so they got tempted by the
    way I loved him telling me
    they wouldn't do what I did
    for him in the first place
    I was in pain seeing myself
    surrounded with people
    with such a low aim
    Looking down on me
    because I chose a different path
    what they were afraid of was
    What if being different would lead me far...
    I pity them all...
    Again life gave me a chance
    to experience what many would
    Consider a sin but I being the person
    I am took my chance ...
    How did it go.. I am not sure
    Was it fruitful? Or went down the drain?
    Now I no longer care because I lived my choice
    without restricting myself under the barricades
    I didn't fall apart & could keep up this far
    because I am blessed with alike minds
    they don't judge me & stay by my side
    I owe them as in a crowd of
    manipulators.. God do shower you with
    souls who are innocent like u
    I still & will make choices for myself
    Where I don't feel obligated or answerable to
    anyone else..
    I am proud of my choices & the path
    I have walked so far..
    These words I am writing here are
    a blend of my journey so far
    I will keep walking my path
    Because the day I die
    My choices would define
    Who I was & I was never afraid
    Of my scars
    I was a brave heart...

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