• ritika17_ 5w

    There are lots of people who would besiege me with their narrow minded thoughts that how will I lead my life without a man or my marriage plans? I will clearly express myself in my high voice that I am made for myself not for a man , or marriage , what our mothers doing today : get up early , cook food , take care of children, and especially some of them are also working outside and what they get in return ?
    Head aches, wrinkles before age , dark circles, and so much that is not less than the torture by the scorching heat of sun and loo winds , it's not I want to run , I want to show those narrow minded that how party's are done , how we chill , how we go on world tours ,

    To all beautiful ladies❤️��

    No one is dependent on anyone , the world is yours , go and explore , find yourself ❤️����

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