• ryves85 31w


    Quick son, the waters lovely, jump right on in
    I can't dad, I can't swim and i'm afraid I might sink
    Don't be silly boy, I'll catch you if I must
    Just put your trust in me, jump.. there's no need for this fuss

    What if I drown, i don't want to die yet dad
    It's ok son, believe me,
    it'll be the start of some of your best times had
    We'll build a rope swing from that branch
    We'll have a barbeque, you'll love it
    It'll be rad..

    We'll pitch up tents and eat marshmallows from a fire
    And we can stay up all night counting stars
    And when your older, you can do all this with your lover
    Maybe.. with yet another.

    What do you mean dad I don't understand
    It all sounds great but explain your plan

    What I mean son is this memory will last a lifetime
    And when your older, no doubt you'll find
    Another, and maybe.. just maybe, she'll be the mother
    Of your child.. and together.. you can do it all again


    Let me do it again dad, I wanna jump again.