• mariahrue 6w

    Concept of this poem:
    ~Ikigai - A Japanese word
    ~Iki - meaning "life"
    Gai - meaning "value" or "worth"
    ~ Iki + gai = "finding your purpose in life" which gives you a reason to wake up everyday.

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    Be not confined to mediocrity,
    For fear of being different.

    Be yourself, don't be hesitant.
    No matter what, you aren't insignificant.

    Follow your passion & your own direction,
    To successfully reach your destination.

    And take heed,
    Your direction's more important than your speed.

    So, choose wisely what you want,
    Coz every choice you make matters.

    Before your life's over and you drop dead.
    Have a goal which makes you jump out of bed.