• annechey 10w


    They say broken isn't bad and I used to agree.
    I hardly thought I was broken until he came and fixed me.
    Crazy I know. How could one person do that.
    But its also crazy I can show you what changed and they are all proven facts.
    See little old me very nonchalant at heart.
    Never once cared, never even thought I would start.
    It was basically fuck your feelings, talk to you, drop you.
    Always shutting people out even if I know I didn't have to.
    But let me explain what happens end you finally let someone in.
    Your happiness comes back no longer numb no longer dim.
    I learned trust again. He helped me find me.
    I also learned that in a relationship you need patience and that ain't really free.
    But most importantly in learned your never truly on your own.
    It feels really good when you feel like true love is really shown.
    He taught me that broken is bad especially if your blind to it.
    He taught me that no matter how much you cry true love never quits.
    To Never give up and her let go
    Even though sometimes you feel like your going to blow
    Its always better to talk it out
    Rather than scream and shout
    So it isn't that hard to be open and let someone in
    But one thing for sure he taught me is in life you need a tough skin.
    Maybe I'm not better and just developed a weak spot for him I don't really know.
    But thanks to him my sadness no longer shows.