• juniflrz 10w

    A Chapter End

    Socialism was not part of her character for loneliness was her peace. Time bloom her shyness away transcending to a communicative butterfly with flying wings. She chanced on friendships with trust and honesty formulating a second family. As with all things, change part takes when some move on to other roads in life and others come and the process restarts again. Laughs, smiles, sadness, and frustrations are experienced.
    Emotions she so controlled by avoid feeling for she preferred no sentimental nonsense. The time came for her to leave as others had done. Some kept in communication and others did not but, she on occasions would check in with them with social media. Last, she heard was a dear good friend who shared advices and wisdom had passed away. Anger and sadness overcame for only in a given lifetime she met those rare kind souls. My hands trembled as I closed the book. A chapter end is what will entitle this short story.