• ashwinn 10w

    The whisper of the internet
    Makes me pick up my cell
    Not for talking, but to find a solace
    A virtual world which exists
    For morons of loneliness desperately seeking a company
    Maybe a friend, or a shopping world, items to connect with, videos.They come to the rescue.
    A place devoid of fear, anxiety, and bondage
    Everyone would love to embrace
    Seeking validation,faking emotion
    I deal one more blow to the shattered self
    This time to break completely.
    Even in the crowd i peep into my cell
    For i dread the real faces
    From washroom to bedroom i carry it everywhere
    Maybe because i even started to fear myself
    The new language that i learnt see
    Laughter to LOL
    love to hookups
    Where eye blink goes viral.
    I dont know everybody but willing to connect with anybody
    All wanting to get entangled as a family!