• sipra_patra 5w

    How are the villains made? or are they raised?
    Just my opinion on them

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    I was once a just one,
    Now I am called dangerous.
    But is it only just me,
    Who made me so perilous?

    They wronged me and
    Circumstances made me a villain
    Time didn’t heal my wounds
    And made them worsen.

    I was once a humble man
    But now I am malicious
    Involved in cruel wickedness
    For my revenge so specious.

    Why should I apologize?
    Why should I be punished?
    Why should I be in custody?
    When they were the ones
    Who hurt me badly first
    They should be guilty.

    Villains are not born.
    Villains are not raised.
    People are vilified so
    that heroes can be praised.

    Face that once had a smile,
    has now turned grim.
    Expressions are now vile,
    And the aura is dim.

    I was a hero once,
    Now I am called a Villain.
    But I am a victim first and
    A hero that has fallen