• dusky_dawn 10w

    I need a break from my faulty existence.

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    I Die, when the dawn is at the brink. I cup my mouth to hide away the sound of wailing.I whiff pain that dances in my bones turning them sore.I cross my path with the never ending taunts and troubles.One I wipe my tears twice and thrice the handkerchief calls me a nuisance just like them.I rub my eyes furiously when light creeps them out and soothes them when darkness slurps the remaining tears.

    I Lie, when the dusk is at the brink of dying. I laugh hysterically at my own lame jokes and bury them alive in my own grave which I dig everyday within me.I cry with the tune of paino that an old lady plays in my neighbourhood.I push every emotion out of my gut and puke pain.I laugh again.I laugh at my helplessness of not being able to hold happiness for more than a minute, I laugh at the my tongue that commit disasters,I cry and lie again and again.I lie to live a little but everytime i do that i die a little.

    I Sigh,And sank into the heartbreaks that erupts every minute from there harsh throats. The naked fingers whimpers at the coldness and ruthless blames tear me apart.I hate the seconds which deny my faulty existence.I exist. I breathe. I sleep.I cry.I lie. I Cry. I push.I pull. I break.I hate.