• sadlittledevil 10w


    I'm speaking out loud,
    No, I'm yelling,
    Yet people can't hear the problems I'm facing,

    I scream and i yell,
    But nothing is enough,
    When they think my problems are a bluff,

    They say that I'm quiet,
    And i know i shouldn't share,
    But I'm dying and i can't seem to care,

    They ask why i smoke,
    Or buy another drink,
    Because they don't care what others think,

    Every day is a battle,
    That i can't seem to win,
    So is really being me a sin,

    I don't go to church,
    The thought of someone loving me,
    Is something i could never see,

    So i cry,
    On the inside where no one sees,
    Because i don't understand how one feels,

    How do you feel anything,
    When all that life has shown you,
    Is that no one ever knows you.