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    ®Bigger than me            


      I'm knew I was dead when I

    Fell in love with you i knew that everytime i hurt you or you were hurting it was going to do this to me.. But your smiles just made worth it.You girls know what i mean because all of you have love before. I dont no why i dont have the answers to everything but let me say i never cared to know everything. Then I met you girls. And all that changed. I hate it now i want to know everything for you. I dislike the idea of u asking and me not knowing  the answer for you. I'll learn it all. I'll even do the work just to fill in the blank and just so u can say i help. get the answer for you. I enjoy when i see in your eyes that i'm useful. I'll learn from you if u could learn from me. See 1234 only u can make a complete family with 5 complete with a uneven number. Only you can make this underdog into the favorite to win. Only u can give my heart a purpose and that is power. If faith can move mountains and love can Cross all the oceans. Then we can unite and Bring universes together

                                                                                                                               We can have everything we Want from just our Tean alone..God is for us, And we for him.

    As long as we together in heart we don’t even our eyes To see that  it is better to be blind than to see But see ‘ A team that's not complete. At least if u Blind u Won't see it.  Complete is complete with light Or Complete darkness. You 1234 can make 1 into 5 In A blink of an eye. You do to me what i do to my Parent's But what's best is you 4 are way better than Me . you girls have a team that's so the team I rull. For You  don't choose’ you just fall for the one that Your fall For. A team my team has to go thru all in Life to be The best team, in all time teams’ Its to Share All as a Team and in The end remain as team

     Team Don't get me wrong i'm not promising mistakes Forever god knows is not what i mean but we have to Do our best and challenges will still come god only Seeks those brave enough to compete. Wolfgirl your Member 1” inside the team.

    women your 2”inside the Team.                                  


                        women your 3’ inside the team        


    the team mommy and dad 5” and 4” or 4”and 5” inside the team . Why Cuz were Your Parent's we are 2”  That's at times Are both or one or the other. But that's our roll ok, When me and Mamna are alone then will always Be 54 or 45, Always in the team. Dadmom

    understand . And  if one day We were to add a new Member, Than we do what all Teams do’ cuz we're Know Different than the rest were the Not better. We are Humbled proud and loud. Ok we Help and Get Helped, That's not a bad thing it's a Gift from God . Our team Has to be the best team in The field But a When we're not in the field we have to be at Our best Team family’ that likes all the teams, and It's loved And admired by all teams. My team wins Insider And outside the courts ok team. We proud we Dont Leave No one ever that has no team behind we Will Be loud. We will shower him or she that has no Team. And nobody that calming him. one to claim Them We got That  clear?. . A guest in our home is like one Of us to The highest point look girls we will

    Do Modifications We go.  I dont no the procedure to Them but i no will find it when we have to . thats Why. You must learn all u can so u can apply it to Your team. I'm the weakest of the 5 let me tell u why. If anything ever happens to anyone of you it comes on Me If any goes ever missing it goes on me. If we fail I'd because I failed. But if I fail and you stay with Me and pick me up. Just the thought of u doing that. Were back to been number 1. When we realize that We're only strong as are weakest can we be a team. All your life you will run into good Teams even great teams and rare but there out there You'll run into a team that fears nothing no one There so good in what they belief that you'll feel Intimidated and that's good. Let me tell u a secret .

    All teams even the best can brake and fall . we must Never want that for yourself even more for others. The only thing that a powerful team is scare of is Good team one that's great from the heart one that Can that can take,  been the best outside the team is A team of glory a team of example. And tbose sit in The front seats to watch gods play there game. You Hear me. Only those teams that are teams wem there Alone and the rest of the us elsewhere and they Behaved like there representing the team from far Those individuals are a team by themselves when They get togethers there nearly impossible to break. And god and his godly friend choose those teams to Go and watch the gods play. That's a privilege that Only few ever experience and its how u feel not what Your no its how do u feel about what you no. Understand my team. We have lots to learn and

    Experience together.

    And yes i have the most to learn.  Because i'm the weakest of the 4. I been in a team Before my dad's team but i never had my own . and I don't want to take lightly . I have my work cut out For me i must catch up to many things i must learn From the team leader accorse momma she will Always be the heart and soul of our team and its ok If sometimes it happens but let's learn ok. Cuz when You mad me it hurts so bad so so bad. But then when You love me it's like god open his arms and said Come here son let me love u.. Understand. 1234 i Love u i hurt u but don't mean to. I suck and its ok if I was send to learn basics again. I don't like it but i Deserve it. Girls try to please forgive me just for one REASON because u want to and nothing more ok… I'll message you goodnight tonight even if u dont see I said it. Ok team . i'm happy to love even tho i don't Deserves to have it . 1234 this is 5 from inside the Team . take care i'm always there.