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    A phase

    In the darkness, when no one's by your side
    In the silence, when no one hold you so tight
    In the sadness, when you are breaking from inside
    In the madness, when you're numb and so quite

    Something aches, in the middle of the heart
    Silent phrases, pulling out the art
    All these ages, hurt is tearing you apart
    Cunning faces, wanna be your counterpart

    People will sell you, they will tore you up to pieces
    People will call you, they will show their real faces
    People will tell you, they will tell you their traces
    People will fail you, they will fail you from their bases.

    Never fall in the love, if you fall, never mind the curse
    Never be the mourning dove, if you be, keep flying with the scars
    Bursting pains, wrote down the nov, lonely pangs, will buy you cars
    Pain of betrayal is your treasure trove, the echo of your success will be heard even above mars