• dhan02 6w

    Dear Ferdinand, JULY 4, 2020

    Crossed 7 seas and 7 mountains in the search,
    Ended up in vain, exhausted, fed up and relinquished.
    One such dejected night, lying under the wide dark sky
    I saw a shooting star moving across the sky,
    That was a life saviour, my life wasn’t the same anymore.
    Stealthy nascent miracle, warmth, compassion, trust,
    Love, courage, confidence and most importantly self love into my life.

    You made me realise my value, my worth
    That I am precious and awesome.
    You changed me, that I am very sufficient for me.
    You became my teacher, even before we acknowledged it.
    “Whatever happens I am here behind you”,
    gave me confidence and courage to move forward.
    You were always there to accompany me, protect me
    Made me be maskless with you
    And I haven’t kept anything from you
    But I always have so many stories to tell u,
    Which makes me very talkative too,
    Now you’ll doubt yourself, if it was really me you once thought was silent.
    For that my answer will be that
    Only the combination of any two specific metals react vigorously and uniquely.
    You changed me to, “Maybe cats are not really bad”.
    You encouraged me to be an eagle than a butterfly
    You made me see that a sister is a blessing.
    I could sense your deep support even when you didn’t know my ambition.
    For a while I believed, You must be the key to my destiny.
    You made me feel special,
    You have always cared and looked out for me
    You showed how bright my life can be,
    You made me look at things differently.
    Puuung says love is in small things,
    And you made me bliss in very little things:
    Setting a pic of us as your wallpaper,
    And most times I get your phone, just to look at it.
    Walking me to bus every evening,
    Coming early to college just to see me,
    Never letting me feel lonely,
    Showing off your culinary skills,
    Kidding and playing with me, as I’m the minion,
    Buying an ice cream with 2 spoons,
    Bunking classes to be in concrete lab with you,
    All my lunches with you,
    Every step we took together to places in college.
    Somehow you snatched some of my first moments.
    After being treated wrongly, you made me feel what it's like to be treated well.
    I realised my values.

    I am addicted to You
    As you’re addicted to cigarettes.
    But letting you down or hurting you or betraying you was never even my slightest intention.
    Though the period in real life with you was from
    Feb 6th to March 16th, I have lived to the fullest and happiest.
    You and SU are the two best things that happened to me on 2020
    When things are messed up for me, you make me feel at ease.
    So long from the last heartbreak, you opened and dusted me up that I could resume my writing.
    You make me too comfortable
    That it got hard to part.

    That day in white Royal Enfield, u looked cool
    I vividly remember your bright smile as you overtook us.
    Oh please, let me buy you one big ice cream,
    It is my wish and you know that.
    Casare Pavese says
    “We do not remember days
    We remember moments”, So do I.
    The moments we spent
    And the memories we shared are ever to be cherished.
    You always say, these moments- you won’t even remember them in a while
    In contrast I treasure them, But deep down I know you remember them too.
    You are the biggest turning point, who lit up my world.
    You are nothing more i could ever demand,
    You are my fairytale…
    - Hilarious Bunny

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    You are nothing more i could ever demand,
    You are my fairytale…

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