• mr_un_stoppable 50w

    On a sad night ,
    When noone was ready to fight
    It happened

    When you werent born
    And people living didn't have a identity
    It happened

    It came as a priority
    Though food ,shelter and clothing was the main requirements from the almighty

    People was described on the pattern of beard
    If you had shouted your voice out
    You would have been cleared

    Still till the last breath
    Still the last second of midnight
    They fighted ,
    Some for it
    And some against it

    And as the earthquake took place
    A half slept in terror
    The other half sang in glory

    This poem is to the neighbourhood
    Which now everyone has understood
    Edges were broken like a sharp glass
    Who knew which would be in future the Hurting claws

    But I respect hindustan
    Who for us ,
    broke into INDIA and PAKISTAN
    I respect the mother
    Who sacrificed her daughter

    for our desire
    She was been burnt on fire

    She paid the price
    So that we could rest in peace
    Now no more kashmir fights
    Because she has already been sacrificed


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