• talesbyaweirdo 6w

    Chapter 2: Procession

    The funeral procession carrying Katy's body marched through the cemetery to where she would be buried, under the willow trees, beside a patch of wild dandelions blooming in full spring.
    Getty stood, body shaking with sobs.
    Behind her, Jeff was quiet, tears in his eyes.
    Getty clutched Jeff's hand and he squeezed hers in return, holding on tightly.
    Lisa sniffed into a tissue, letting out a strangled cry when the coffin was lowered.
    Damian had his hands thrust into his pockets, face masked in grief. A blond beauty was crying on his shoulder. A blond he'd probably met for the first time that day and had already managed to charm.
    As the day ended, with a finality like no other, they realised that nothing was ever going to be the same again.