• abolis 5w


    She was a girl, lost in her world
    Happily alone, and fully focused
    Trying to climb the ladder of success,
    She felt tired and depressed
    Suddenly she encountered someone beside her,
    Climbing the same ladder, he looked similarly sad!

    She waved at him, he waved back,
    They exchanged words, carried their path
    But the story didn't end!!
    He started declining down,
    She stopped for him,
    For they had promised to be together till the end!

    She helped him keep pace,
    He helped her with the loneliness
    But unfortunately some more people came along the way
    He grabbed more pace with them
    And she was left alone
    He tried kicking her down, she managed to stand still
    They all laughed, and made faces
    She cried silent tears but kept pace

    Now, still she competes them on the same ladder
    But again left alone and humiliated

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