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    Doesn't matter it's late
    Your loved ones still wait
    From your world of addiction
    They keep writing a fiction

    That some day, some where
    You will say, you care
    You will change your track
    Get rid of smack

    You will change your way
    This time on your promise stay
    It's extreme of tolerance
    This euphoria pleasure may be immense

    Still they wait for a chance
    When you will end this violence
    When you will change your track
    Get rid of smack

    One day you will be drunk but awake
    One day you will realise the mistake
    One day you will leave your world of addiction
    And they keep writing this 'one day' fiction

    Written by Aayan, class 12,roll no 32

    "I won that competition, I made every body aware of drugs addiction and side effects.
    I told them that it's gravity will definitely make you fall and you will lost your self in world of lust. "

    He uttered with alcohol in one hand and cigarette in another and preparing a dose of cocaine for snorting.

    I have fallen a lot ma, I have fallen a lot dad, I am tired now, I am coming back on track.
    Thanks for birthday gift, my words worked I guess. I guess you tried a lot, Jimmy tried a lot, dad tried a lot but I think it was written by 17 year old me to get himself back from world of addiction and you people kept writing a real fiction

    I am back mom , I am on my way
    It's time to end that 'one day ' wait

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    The gravity of addiction will definately make you fall, but you gotta wake up one day for them.