• reshma_moin_sheikh 10w


    A cup of white flour and salted butter,
    Mix with milk and powdered sugar,
    With half a teaspoon of rising agents,
    And a single drop of vanilla essence.

    Garnish with fruits and nuts to relish,
    Bake in a tin greeced with butter,
    Drizzle some honey for a mirror glaze finish,
    Serve this beauty on a hot wooden platter.

    When the delicate aroma touches your soul,
    And the heavenly look makes your mouth drool,
    Your taste buds can't resist its existence anymore,
    And you shall fail to stop at just one, for sure.

    Our lives seem to be like these luscious pancakes,
    Ingredients are like chances and gifted human traits,
    Baking represents consistent efforts and hardwork,
    Dribbling honey is like Almighty rewarding with goodluck.


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