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    The Inomplete Wedding

    It was mid of december. Cold winds had broken into human settlements.
    Silent evenings were even more gritty and dreadful. Amid these gloomy hours of winter, Rochishnu and Poushali decided to get married.
    They were dating for 6 years now.
    Rochishnu was working as a make up artist since last 10 years. Poushali was a choreographer. They met for the first time in a birthday party of one of their mutual friend Abeer.
    Abeer and Rochishnu were buddies for more than a score now. You know, childhood buddies.
    6th January the date was finalised. It was another cold eve and the couple was drooling over the plate of grilled chicken soaked in white sauce and mayonnaise. They were sitting in a posh restaurant in Park Street.
    Sir, would you like to order a drink for the eve?
    Mmmmm well, what would you like baby? asked Rochishnu to his would be bride. Two quarters of Vodka and two virgin mozitos with ice.
    Ok sir, anything else you would like to have?
    No no, if at all we need, we will ping you buddy, replied Rochishnu.
    The dinner was yumm. How about a long drive now? Asked Poushali.
    Yeah, we can for sure. But I guess it's raining pretty dense. Will it be safe?
    Darling, we never think so much, do we?
    Yes, that's true, but both of us are drunk now.
    So you are sounding like a granny now. Fine leave. Let's drive back.
    Ohoo...you are a kiddo still. Ok, come on..let's go for a drive then.
    It was already 12.30. The couple in their deep amatory pulse, drove down the lanes. In another hour, they were driving through an empty lane, possibly marroned from the chaotic city lights.
    It was pitch dark. The headlights strived to peer through the viscous drops of rain. Things were blurry. The wipers were moving up and down and a song of Ed Sheeran was embellishing the pinkish aura of the night.
    Rochi, look!!! there is something ahead.
    Rochishnu took a quick glance at the half muzzy windscreen. He saw nothing except rain drops bouncing over the dark pitch on the roads.
    Ki kothay? I couldn't see anything. What have you seen?
    I don't really know. But something, a white silhouette of a woman may be.
    Pou, I told you. We are drunk. These hallucinations will ruined this trip.
    All of a sudden, the vehicle called off the journey in between the impenetrable woods on both sides of the lane. It seemed to be an engine kill.
    Omg!!! the water might have entered the carboretor of the car.
    Ki hobe ebar? Till now the sullen sky is busy hurling drops of rain at us. We wont even get a mechanic. Its 2.10 now. Rochi, I am scared. Do something. I regret my decision of coming for the drive.
    When the daunted couple was busy creating a mess out of the situation, someone knocked on the driver's window glass.
    Rochishnu turned right to see who was the stranger. He opened the glass despite Poushali's refusal. She was a girl, somewhat their age. Hi, myself Ishrat. I saw you guys stranded. So thought of helping you. I stay nearby. You can come over with me. Spend the night safely. Tomorrow we can arrange for some mechanic for your car and then you guys can go back home.
    Poushali quickly replied in a big consent. Despite Rochishnu's half hearted consent, they went ahead following the girl.
    She walked through narrow lanes steering and peering through the thick woods. After few minutes of walk, they saw a cottage. Small but decent one to spend the night.
    Ishrat made some really adorable arrangements for the couple and cooked some noodles for them. She cooked real quick and served in a blink. Poushali was feeling relieved but Rochishnu smelled mystery and suspicion. They had a little and went to sleep. The room was tiny but cosy.
    In about an hour, Rochishnu heard a whispering sound. Wake up! wake up Roop. Rochishnu jumped off from sleep and his dreaded eyes searched for the voice all around the house. Poushali was still deep asleep. But Ishrat was seen no where. Suddenly, he saw a silhouette at a distance. Rain has stopped but it was a windy night. He wanted to shout out to ask who it was but his voice was locked in his chords. He heard another whisper. I loved you Roop, you never valued me. It hurts me to find you sleep with another girl. Leave her. Come back to me. I will give you everything.
    Now Rochishnu felt numb. He started recalling his old memories.
    12 years back, when he was still in college. He started dating a muslim girl. Her name was Afreen. She was beautiful and a soft hearted girl.
    They dated for an year. Framed a lot of intimate memories to cherish. Then came the day of their convocation. Another beautiful day they spend together. That evening, while walking in their college campus, Afreen held his hands and said, Roop, today probably will be the last day of college. We have been together since a long time now. When will you ask my parents for our wedding?
    Rochishnu's face turned pale. He was always scared of this day. He dated her but never thought of marrying her. She belonged to a different community. He told her, Afreen, I love you but I can't marry you. You belong to a different community. It's impossible.
    Afreen pleaded, Roop, I won't be able to breathe life without you. I have submitted my soul to you. I call you Roop, and no other girl shall ever come in the life of my Roop.
    She left in tears. The very next morning, Rochishnu got up with a text.
    Dear Roop, I understand your problems. I understand that my community has become the colossal wall between our love. I will end my life to free myself from the barricades of mortal imagination. Then no religion can come in between. We will live together forever.
    He felt perplexed on reading these lines. Suddenly he got a call from a landline number. Hello! Yes this is Param calling from Entally Police Station. There is a suicide case and we retrieved your number from the cell phone of the deceased girl Afreen Khan. Your number was that number where the last message was sent by her. Can you come here for some basic interrogation?
    Hmmm ok. I will be there.
    Since the death was a suicide, and no serious charges could be made, he was left after two days of custodial interrogation.
    Rochishnu understood everything.
    He understood that he has no option. He went back, and called Poushali. She was in the midwaves of her sleep. She got up after a couple of jerks.
    Ki hoyeche? It's still night baby. Why have you got up?
    Pou, dear, I have some confessions to make. He started narrating the entire story to her. She was stunned to know things she was unaware in last 6 years of their relationship.
    At last he said, my time has come. I have to go. She gave her life to have me. I must respect her decision and go with her.
    Poushali in tears listened to everything. She had no words to speak.
    Rochinshnu left the room. He left the cottage and disappeared in the waves of darkness. Roop never returned.
    It was 6 in the morning.
    Poushali gained consciousness after some drops of water was sprinkled on her face. She got up to see, she was lying amid the woods and there was no trace of a cottage.
    She went ahead and spoke to those tribal men. They arranged for a mechanic. The mechanic inspected the car to find there was absolutely no issue with the engine. The car was fine. She drove back like a zombie,
    silently carrying the flashes of the night she witnessed.