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    "Native Ground"

    You have sold the earth

    As if it were yours to own

    Hundreds of years of harmony 

    In the fields we sown;

    We changed to be like you

    And when that was not enough 

    You sent us across the nation

    To eke out a living in the rough;

    Never mind that our ancestors stood

    Among the trees you cut down

    Our mothers gave us life in birth

    Right here on native ground;

    The peace you promised never comes

    Not even in the space of today,

    The graves of our forefathers trampled upon

    By your children while at play;

    And we weep not just for ourselves

    But for you and your sad greed

    For you will never ever have enough

    Always wanting more than you need;

    And you may feel the world is yours

    But the earth cannot be owned

    Any more than the air itself

    Or the river that carries us home...

    By Paul D Aronson.

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    Native Ground (Poem)