• kennydondor 9w


    "The best things in life happen unexpectedly. The best stories begin with 'and all of a sudden......' And this is when life takes unexpected turns in the right direction."

    First off, on behalf of all the first year students, I'd like to contribute my thanks to my seniors who has helped us in every way possible and for being there for us 24/7, without which we wouldn't have made it easily this far if it wasn't for you. So, for this I'm entirely grateful.

    Well, being here with each and everyone of you on this very moment is a bliss, it's more than I could ever wish for. It feels like yesterday i was leaving everyone behind; my home, my family, and today I get to be a new face on this circle, a part of this family, and i haven't even got time to disappear into a puddle of tears for i'm being surrounded by people who values, cares and strengthen me, us.

    I never knew that fate could have brought me this far. The road that was once not taken has now become our paths to discover, which will one day be our walks to remember and i can't wait to narrate it to the world. Back to that day before i met my batchmates, how we converse like strangers but now we get along pretty well and i hope that the journey that we'll embark upon together will be something worth living for. And for five more years this place is where we're gonna call home.

    I thank God everyday for giving me this life, this freedom, and for giving me you, and a chance to be a part of this ridealong. It'll someday become a legacy and in the presence of our mind it shall live.

    Before i end my my speech i'd like to read a few lines saying.....

    With an army I stand
    We walk hand in hand
    A promise we keep
    In each other's side we'll weep

    So many adventures to make
    So in silence we'll wake
    Through the storms and through the clouds
    Like brave pirates we'll never shout

    When dark times we face
    Hopes shall be embraced
    United we'll stay
    And together we'll find a way

    Because with an army i stand
    We wont fall down astray
    We're together a band
    That's how we turn night into day....