• su_tshant 5w


    I don't know what was what and why with her.
    Everytime she was set out to click a picture.
    She'd do her thing "Now I'm gonna pose." She'd say. Then she'd weirdly hunch her body, almost breaking it in half. Pushing her ass as far as possible. It looked like her ass was trying to run away from her. Back horizontally flat like a table. Her tits hung low, with her nipples trying to touch her toes. Then she'd tilt her head towards the camera and give a very wide and forceful smile. Her cheeks would push her eyes to shut. Then she'd shoot one hand in the air right angled from the elbow with two fingers out.
    "How do I look?" she'd ask and we were obligated to say cute. "Cute! You look very Cute!"