• dragonzero39 9w

    Wasted Progress on a Reject

    Didn't I do the right thing?
    No happiness, just a blatant sting
    No set of eyes seem to see
    Any positive change inside me
    I guess history is far too strong
    I've been lost way to long
    For any corrective action to take place
    Never believed in a saving grace
    Always a point of no return
    People's views, they won't unlearn
    Once trash, never again treasured
    Self-worth, never again measured
    Thinking clearly now; I can see the sun
    This disease had already won
    Recovery sounded good at first
    Now I wish I could reverse
    Though I feel better, I won't redeem
    A hellish past and a childish dream
    Better off dead on pills or not
    Truly, humanity can rot