• sansu_loves_to_sing 6w

    Angels and demons

    Don't promise me a love that you will never keep,
    Don't give me hope unnecessarily.
    Don't promise me the moon and stars,
    I pray to the sun, and I know I need no one.
    I needed human company just to keep myself sane,
    But then you turned out to be a demon who drove me insane.
    You being the demon, wanted to eat me.
    Honestly I wouldn't mind, but then I decided to keep me.
    To preserve my sanity I started to run away from you; halfheartedly though.

    A part of me told me to let your love consummate me,
    The other told me to save myself from thee.

    As I ran through the dark forests of fear,
    I heard voices scream
    "You are a traitor. You are a liar. You promised a forever. Your heart shall forever burn in hell's fire. "

    Pacing my feet, I got into the light, it felt like heaven, something I always desired.

    It's been three years, and I still go back to the past
    Looking back, it feels like the best decision I ever made.

    Told you long back, angels and demons can't have each other's backs.

    -Sanskriti Dutta