• dipanjan_b 11w

    Spectrum Of Vibes

    We think, we feel, we weave dreams,
    We float, we sink, we swim through whims.
    We have thoughts enriched in pain,
    We have tears that unlade the brain.

    We can laugh, we can smile,
    We can adorn our human mile.
    We can speak in wider notes,
    We can jaunt in wooden boats.

    We can praise the wildest glimpse,
    We can draw our cherished dreams.
    We can love with greed and guile,
    Chiselling all throughout the mile.

    Pain, love and wildest lust,
    Fear, groans and deep aghast.
    Guile, style and boasting face,
    Wider spectrum pulls the race.

    Human minds are filled in nerves,
    Triggering through those pulsing curves.
    One can read it, map it down,
    Differing paints will fill the town.

    We feel angry, we feel pain,
    We feel sick beneath the rain.
    A coalesce of feelings drench the mind,
    Human souls are one of a kind.