• kaz_ishmael 9w


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    The scars of love

    Last night I park my car on a hill
    Looking at the moon and stars
    Wishing you were here with me
    Because only you can heal my scars

    The day I fell in love with you
    I know it was going to be a long road to travel
    And a long battle to fight just for me to reach you
    On the roads was paved with broken glass and gravel

    And every day it’s a war I will have to fight
    But there is nothing else I would rather do
    And even if I die without a moments notice
    At least I will have the glory of dying for you

    For living a life that doesn’t include you
    Is like lighting a fire in the rain
    Is like knowing you are hungry
    But you can never eat again

    So tonight I’m looking at the moon and stars
    I wish so much if you were here
    For only when I reach in your arms
    Will my battle scars disappear

    And as I journey to unknown days ahead
    Never knowing what obstacles to face next
    But as my heart gets closer to yours
    I expect the battles to only get more complex

    But within me, I carry the power of love
    And I would push oceans apart
    For only the hands of death
    Can stop me from reaching your heart

    And to look in your beautiful eyes
    To inhale the fragrance of your hair
    As you hold me close to your heart
    The pains of my wounds will disappear

    And as the memories of the wars erode
    She is proud of the sacrifices that I've made
    For all the demons that I've faced along the way
    My love for her has never faltered or fade

    And when she takes my hand in hers
    The battles of the past we will forget
    And together we will walk into the future
    Under the beauty of the sunset