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    To cherish, to adore and to love
    Till death do us part.
    In health and in sickness
    In richness and in poverty
    Till death do us part
    'Cos we're not falling out

    Where are the vows?
    Where's the fulfilment?
    You have made an unseen vows
    Now, you have made an unforeseen goodbye
    And our home used to be for us; You and I
    'Cos you're falling out

    I'll ride with you till eternity
    I'll stay by you till age is gone
    I'll hold your hands in love
    I'll sleep by you every night
    Your ribs, I'll tickle till sleep do us part
    Still, you're not falling out

    Now, how did I turn to
    Someone you loved
    Someone you used to know
    Someone you cared for
    Someone you adored
    But, you're falling out

    My heart is absconded
    I don't know if I can find you anymore
    Are you so gone too far away?
    Could this be hide and seek?
    Oh no, love isn't hide and seek
    I'm not falling out

    I miss your love
    I miss our love
    I miss your warmth
    I miss our home
    I miss this relationship!
    I'm not falling out

    You promised to never make me cry
    You promised if I'd ever cry
    They would be tears of joy and love
    These cries, sleepless nights, heartaches are a hurtful feeling
    Those, which you promised to never make me feel
    You're falling out

    You told me, your first poetry was written for me
    "I don't know if I can live"
    You didn't know if you could live on Earth without me
    You didn't know if you could go six feet down without me
    You didn't know if you could go six feet up without us
    You're falling out

    I don't know how
    I've become someone you knew
    I don't know how
    To get over this
    Darling, teach me how to
    I can't even fall out

    How to unlove you like you do me
    Now, every night, I rumple my bedsheets
    To make it look like you slept here
    Why did I ever love you!!
    Now, I'm stamping my foot in anger venting on your invisible figure
    I'm not falling out

    Hey love, fuck off!!
    Go to hell!
    The goddamn hell!
    I'm not the person I used to be anymore
    You make me lip off every second
    I'm still not falling out

    Please come closer
    Darling, I miss you
    Can you see my freckles?
    Those which tears moulded
    Can you see my skin? Wrinkled
    You have fallen out

    The fences we built
    Are falling off
    The statue we moulded
    Is tumbling
    Our belt, is loosen
    You have fallen out

    You were too sudden
    Maybe I shouldn't have loved you
    Now, I want to fall on my sword
    Maybe I wasn't pretty enough
    You fell out, just in a twinkle

    View my pictures once again on your laptop
    Should I send you one on the gram?
    Your phone is stolen?
    I hope you remember, that
    I used to be your eye candy
    You have fallen out

    I'm not going to bid you goodbye
    Because I still really need you
    Like I ever needed you
    Like you ever needed me
    I still love you as my life
    I'm not falling out

    I'm not going to fall out
    Because I don't know how to fall out
    Darling, could you teach me how to?
    I'm staying a little longer
    Maybe, 554years more
    I'm not falling out

    © aseeperidamilola

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