• saahilc078 9w

    Show it the way home
    As it lives in between the stars and the sky
    Make it feel the comfort
    Of reaching its longing desire
    Show it the way home
    As its not just any other desire
    Its the heart searching for itself
    Once lost never found again
    It asks the way home
    It pleads for mercy
    "Show it the way home someone"
    As you know you are a lucky one
    And another world
    It says its goodbyes to,
    Walks away with the same smile on its face
    Another star
    Another home
    But not itself
    Living in between the stars and sky
    Having desires
    Killing dreams
    Asking for another way back home
    Pleading for mercy
    Singing away
    Lost in its own melody
    Saying goodbye again
    Its going away
    In its reckless ways
    And you'll set fire to your inside for fun
    Finding new ways
    You will chase a future without truth
    And die before you get there
    Without any fruits
    And you regret it all