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    ~<{Just today }>~

    Oh just today
    I feel fine and that I'm still breathing, well that's ok too

    Just today
    There is a fire and a family that will miss there dear loved one
    On the verge of the evening news I know there is more....

    Just today
    I feel the bombshells in my heart , as distant humans are torn apart limb from limb. How in a war can we win, when they never where in the fight?

    I am alone , I am fed, I now have a roof and a bed and I could not feel much more
    Like a cowered who would gladly open her door
    To these unknown refugees
    No I don't have much . I'm not doing well all the time
    But just today I'm doing fine...

    Just today
    I felt in my soul a screaming child in the back of the seat as the father pulls their mother out and continues to beat her for trying to get away

    Yes today again
    If my imagination could build you a house I'd make you all a kingdom

    And just today
    There are mother's, fathers, sons and daughters in concentration camps for nothing more than there nationality and skin color... I hoped we'd never do this again to one another.

    Just today
    I am well, and I am sad

    But for tomorrow
    I have hope